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Botanical Painting Course with London Art Collage

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Two tonal drawings of a leaf, two of a flower head and one of a piece of fruit or vegetable, from a viewpoint of your choice. I recommend drawing leaves and flower heads that are 10cm or more in length or diameter. I also recommend that you light your drawings from the top left or right hand side.

Assignment 2 assessment - a bit better -

Select several samples of natural vegetation with interesting textures and colours and use the techniques that we have explored in the previous units. 

Depending on how elaborate your compositions are, you can submit a minimum of two (one of flowers and one of fruit / vegetables) and a maximum of four (including at least one of flowers and one of fruit / vegetables). These should not include studies but finished paintings, ready to be framed.

You may use mediums in some of the work.

Please accompany your work with an explanation of how you achieved your effects and any problems you encountered. I will then be able to help you overcome any difficulties you may be experiencing. This is also a good opportunity to send me some more general questions you may have.


Diploma course in Botanical Painting

BF 42940 assign 2.pdf BF 42940 assign 3 April 2015.pdf BF 42940 assign 4.pdf BF 42940 assign 5.pdf BF 42940 assign 6(1).pdf Yippee got my Diploma - July 2016